Saturday, July 25, 2009

Sunday stash

Its not quite Sunday yet, but I did some stash building today at the Melbourne Quilt Fair...

Stash building

Some more Denyse Schmidt, because I can't resist and I seem to have a growing obsession with yellow.

Retro goodness

and some cute retro prints because, well, they were $3.50 a fat quarter and they were cute...?

Find of the day was a green fabric by the yard perfect for my green quilt I've been about to start for the last 4 months...

The last green

and at $8 a metre I was a happy chappy :)

Also bought some rulers, fabric pencil leads, extra fabric for another project thats underway and some fabric for a planned christmas present (organisation plus!)... in the space of a few short hours I managed to dispose of more money than I had planned, but came way with lots of goodies.

And when checking out the quilts on display, I was reminded of how much I love the tumbling blocks pattern. So after 4 moths of procrastinating starting my green quilt, I completely revised my planned pattern, and came home and have cut all the diamonds to make the fabrics into a tumbling blocks quilt! After making the quilts for my grandmothers I feel ok about the idea of machine piecing diamonds, which I used to think was just too hard. Tomorrow when I start the actual piecing I may live to regret my changed pattern, but here's hoping it will all come together with out too much stress.

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